Do you own Spanish Property via an international Company?

20th julio 2018

If so, the Spanish tax authorities may have you in their sights. In the past, tax advisors told wealthy investors that the most tax-efficient way of owning Spanish property was to establish an international company. Some international companies were set up as a layer of structures, including trust funds as the ultimate top layer. Several […]

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Spanish House Prices continue to rise sharply

19th julio 2018

In the first quarter of 2018, according to data published by the Ministry of Development and National Statistics Institute, Spain saw 134,705 house sales completed, an annual increase of 7.97%, compared to the same quarter a year earlier. Of these, 16.67% were sales to international buyers. This part of the market segment experienced a downturn […]

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Spanish Mortgage Approvals soared by 34% in April 2018

18th julio 2018

Year-on-year, according to the Spanish Statistical Office, the number of mortgage approvals soared by 34% this April, with the average mortgage value rising by 9.1% to 123,256 euros. The capital loaned by Spanish lenders amounted to 3.54 billion euros, a 46.5% increase on the same month a year earlier. With 6,018 mortgage approvals Madrid was […]

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Number of Brits buying Costa del Sol Property has doubled because of Brexit

5th julio 2018

Record numbers of tourists, declining unemployment, more than 3% GDP and similar forecasts for 2018, plus improved international credit rating all contributed to an upsurge of the country’s housing market, especially for Costa del Sol property. Property portal predicted a «golden age» for Spain’s property market, this time «without excesses, until at least 2022». […]

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Torremolinos grows in Popularity with Tourists

2nd julio 2018

According to the National Statistics Institute, INE, Torremolinos saw the highest increase in tourist numbers this spring recorded in the last decade. In May 2018, Torremolinos became the most popular tourist destination at the Costa del Sol. The survey revealed that the city saw an 11.12% increase in visitors in May, compared to the same […]

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